Prayer Requests



All affected by the COVID-19 Virus

    Bethany Wade           Dana Thomas              Larry Gray

Stormi Lepkowski           Sheryl Seagraves        Jennifer Glover    

Kay Jenkins                    Lisa Harrison             Laura Thompson

Doug Miller                     Aleyha Rankin           Susan McGehee

Mabel Creel                    Jackie Thomas           Diane Moran

Dianne Applewhite          Bobbie Burdeaux       Bill Jenkins

Tony Normand                Billy Mullen              Dudley Talley

Billy Stringer                   Barbara Kennedy       Ruth Lumpkin

Donna Singleton               Tootsie Fortenberry     Lola Nell Knight

Beverly & Ken Cowart    Jacob Normand         Zadie Hayes

Barbara Williams            Cade Normand          Rose Conerly

Brenda Powe                   Ann Daniels              Pat Stewart      

Shirley Ford                    Hal Ladner                Cecil Ford 

Stacy & Ryan Fisher        Summer Seal             Brayden Cothern

Harold & Gail Legendre    Alice Pittman             Doris White

Rest Haven Residents      First Responders        Local Addiction

Our Country & Leaders    Our Community         Our Church

20/21 School Year for Teachers, Students and Parents



Caleb Hollingsworth            Austin Owens              Blaine Waller

Justin William                     Brink Hillman             Ryan Seal   

Jonathan Watts                     Josh Mitchell              Jill Talley   

Brett Domingues                   J.D. Herring                Randy Burdeaux

Jeff Bennett                           Hannah Guy               Ben Burdeaux

Johnny Campbell